DXDCT-V pyramid tea bag packing machine

➤ Controlled by Mitsubishi PLC - 60-70 bags/min - Three bag shapes available


  It is used to pack small granule teas.

Packaging material

  Ultrasonic sealing materials such as nylon, non-woven, PLA, PET etc.


  2 years


01 Cut and seal tea bags by ultrasound. The edges of tea bags are very firm and pretty.
02 Tea bags with tags can be easily produced by using tagged packing materials
03 The machine is controlled by PLC. Operator can operate the machine through color touch-screen which is based on simple menu interface.
04 The machine will automatically send alarms when tests any error on tags, safety doors or ultrasonic elements and automatically stop working to aviod misoperations or accidents.
05 The machine is equipped with main motor protection device and automatic packing materials tension adjustment device.

Technical data


After-sale service

01 Free packaging solution consultancy.
02 Customization service.
03 Fast reply within 12 hours
04 A life-long time of technical support to the machine.
05 Spare parts delivered within 3-5 working days.
06 Free installation and technical training.