DXDCT-W140 enveloper machine

➤ Minimum bag size: 80*80 mm - 50-60 bags/min - Nitrogen injection


  It is precision engineered to pack pyramid tea bag into convenient and branded individual sachets.


  2 years


01 This machine connects and works in conjunction with a pyramid teabag packing machine to pack envelope automatically.
02 To ensure ease or use alongside functionality for the operation of the machine, we build the machine into the highest quality Mitsubishi PLC control and an easy to use digital display.
03 We have developed the machine to use nitrogen gas as this method of filling prevents oxidation.
04 The bag size and packing speed can be fully adjustable.

Technical data

After-sale service

01 Free packaging solution consultancy.
02 Customization service.
03 Fast reply within 12 hours
04 A life-long time of technical support to the machine.
05 Spare parts delivered within 3-5 working days.
06 Free installation and technical training.